Upgrades and Retrofit

Upgrading to the Latest Control Systems Improves Plant Reliability, Safety, and Your Bottom Line

Our digital control upgrades are a cost and time efficient answer to improving the performance and extending the life-cycle of legacy high power rectifiers. A high power rectifier’s control platform is designed with specialized electronics that due to rapid technology advances can quickly become obsolete whereas rectifier transformers can last decades. Digital control upgrades can be an attractive alternative to rectifier replacement to improve the efficiency of many operations. When it is deemed safe to do so by our team of engineers, We will recommend a control upgrade when the cost is less than 30% that of new. We offers custom engineering and field service to modernize not only our high power rectifiers, but all other rectifier manufacturers products including PEC, GE, InverPower, ABB, Siemens, Satcon, Robicon, Westinghouse and Neeltran rectifiers.

A control upgrade can be completed with minimal downtime and interference with production.

  • Optimized Rectifier Performance
  • Improved Maintenance Capabilities
  • Long-term Availability of Spare Parts
  • Long-term Availability of Engineering Support


A control upgrade includes engineer-directed evaluation, design, installation, testing, commissioning and either hands-on or on-site training for shop floor personnel through management. Your staff will learn how to safely operate and maintain equipment, troubleshoot problems faster and extend the lifetime of the installation to deepen efficiency and cost savings. The upgrade includes a user-friendly intuitive operator panel accessed through a touch-screen. A complete custom set of documentation is developed and delivered by us. Our engineering and service support are available before, during and after installation.

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