Our Copper Ion System highly advanced Marine Growth Prevention(Anti-Fouling) System is able to provide proven protection to valuable components on board the vessel. Comprises of a Electronic Controller Power Unit that is mated to a pair of Copper and Aluminum Anodes. The Power unit Impress a small current Into the Copper Anodes that releases ions to that are carried by the flow of seawater. This creates an hostile environment for the growth and settlement of Marine growth such as Barnacles, Larve, Mussles from multiplying.

Copper-Ion's Key Benefit

  • Simple Installation The MGPS system Is relative compact size, thus making it simple to install.
  • Reduced Corrosion Aluminium Anodes installed in the system will help prevent Corrosion to the pipeline.
  • Pressure Tested Safety Cofferdam Cofferdams are individually test to ensure that the each of the cofferdam will be meet requirements.
  • Modular Design Control Panel are designed based on one Module per flowline. Additional Modules may be installed to increase the protection to other flowline.

Compatible with all kinds of Copper-ion System Replacement

We are able to customize and retrofit our copper-ion system bypassing existing system limitation

Regulation of Biocidal Products (BPR)

The European Chemicals Agency has released Regulation of Biocidal Products (BPR) and Copper based Anti-fouling System for the European Market shall be complied with this regulation. We have been involved in the review of copper for use in Anti-Fouling (MGPS) on Article 95 of BPR for the ships trading in European waters and have been approved /listed as authorized supplier of copper based anti-fouling systems.

Consequences of Marine Growth and Marine Fouling

As the marine organisms flourish they block and narrow the passage of cooling water in the ship’s system resulting in the following factors:

Impairing the heat transfer system

Overheating of several water-cooled machineries

Increase in the rate of corrosion and thinning of pipes

Reduced efficiency which can lead to loss of vessel speed and loss of time

  • 2 Way

  • per Unit
  • 0.1A-9.9A
  • 8 Way

  • per Unit
  • 0.1A-9.9A

Typical Installation Methods

Sea Chest Mount

Strainer Mount

Reaction Tank Mount


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