Shaft Grounding essential for the protection your propeller shaft from Corrosion. EICS Technology Shaft Grounding Device are designed to ensure that a complete and total Cathodic Protection is applied to the entire wetted surface area of the hull. Even as adequate protection has been installed to the Hull such as Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System or Sacrifical Zinc or Aluminium Anodes would still causes corrosion on the propeller bearings and etc.

Product Details

High Quality Brushes

Our Brushes are manufactured with 80% Silver and 20% Graphite. This recipe provides a high electrical continuity and wear resistance.

High Quality Brush Holder

Brush Holder is crucial to maintain the Silver Graphite brush contact with the Slip Ring and Shaft constantly.

High Quality Slip Ring

Slip Ring made of 75% silver that ensure durable and continuity during operation.

Copper-Ion's Key Benefit

Our Rectifier are build and controlled by the latest Logic Controller with the ability to do precise control

  • Simple Installation The MGPS system Is relative compact size, thus making it simple to install.

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