Oil Immersed Rectifier

Electronically controlled Thyristor rectifiers, oil- and oil-/water-cooled design. This type of rectifier distinguishes itself by its robust design (high protection class) and high operational reliability. All power components are oil-cooled (IP 54). Control and regulation are built in a separate switch cabinet.

Our thyristor rectifiers convincing through:

  • High operational safety
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Robust design for aggressive environments
  • High protection class

Our Rectifier are controlled using the latest Controller

Our Rectifier are build and controlled by the latest Logic Controller with the ability to do precise control

  • High Resolution TFT LCD Screen
  • Advanced Monitoring with notification via SMS, Email etc
  • Able to communicate with other platform via MODBUS, PROFITNET etc

Made in Singapore

Our products are proudly made in Singapore and uses only  reputable component renowned for their reliability. Our products are made to suit our customer requirements and is guaranteed to work and last!

If you have any questions, wishes or suggestions concerning our products, we will be pleased to answer your inquiries.

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