We are a leading supplier of electrolytic marine anti-fouling system to protect pumped sea water systems against marine growth. Today, the system is used by many of the major oil and gas offshore operators to protect vertical sea water and fire water pumps on platforms. Other applications include jetty fire pumps and sea water intake systems.

benefits of our anti-fouling system

  • Reduction in power requirements
  • Low maintenance system
  • Low power requirement
  • No handling or storage of chemicals required
  • Environmentally acceptable

system description

The method is based upon the use of impressed current on copper and aluminium anodes which are themselves contained within an insulated steel frame which forms the cathode. The anode/cathode electrode unit is suspended from the pump motor base within the confines of the caisson so that all the water entering the pump must pass the electrode unit. The system consists of two parts – the electrode unit and control panel. The electrode contains a number of copper and aluminium anode bars held together in a steel frame to form the cathode.

The actual number and size of the anodes is configured to suit each installation and available space for mounting the electrode unit. The anodes are connected to the constant current rectifier located within a safe area. The control panel is designed to regulate the anode currents in both ‘pump on’ and ‘pump off’ condition, so that during the pump standby condition an atmosphere of copper ions in the local environment will maintain the pump free from fouling.

Types of Marine Anti-Fouling Systems

With extensive experience in the design of our systems and provide anti fouling equipment for a wide variety of applications including:

Ships & Marine Vessels

Fire Water Pump Systems

Off-shore Platforms

Industrial Systems


Our products are proudly made in Singapore and uses only reputable component renowned for their reliability. Our products are made to suit our customer requirements and is guaranteed to work and last!


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