CAPAC® Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems

CAPAC® systems are a long-term solution for corrosion problems on ship’s hulls. They have long been recognized as the superior alternative to other cathodic protection systems, which require frequent replacement and experience increased fuel and maintenance costs. CAPAC systems have proven to be effective and reliable over long periods of time and are the ultimate solution for protecting the hulls of Naval and commercial ships, ferries and workboats, as well as small boats and luxury yachts.

CAPAC® (Cathodic Protection Automatically Controlled) systems provide automatic protection against galvanic corrosion from attacking submerged surfaces across a broad range of sea-going vessels and fixed floating structures.

  • Designed to provide a 20 plus year service life
  • Automatic control equipment ensures reliable, simple operation
  • Optimum documented corrosion protection at minimum overall cost


  • Thousands of CAPAC® systems installed worldwide.
  • Approved by all classification societies for all types of vessels
  • Simple operations through controlled equipment ensures automated, reliable, simple operation.
  • Anodes, reference cells and control systems maintain just the right amount of protection for underwater hulls and fittings
  • Trusted supplier to naval forces around the world for over 70 years


  • Only one installation required for the life of the vessel or structure
  • Increased drydock interval
  • Increased life of rudders, shafts, struts and propellers

EICS TECHNOLOGY is Evoqua sole agent
for CAPAC systems in Singapore

We are proud to be representing Evoqua Water Technologies - CAPAC System - A leading provider of hypochlorination and electrochemical equipment designed to control biological fouling and corrosion wherever seawater is used as cooling or process water.

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